The things that happened years ago custom home was. Get it out get it done get moved in and it’s a custom home nowadays are so many details into building a nice home with so many available features like smart homes etc.. I mean people don’t know what. What they’re doing. You know a lot of builders think they know what they’re doing but there’s not a whole lot of them that are very good at what they’re doing. So you need to make sure that you have a state qualified or state certified home builder with Oklahoma City home builders and Jay London homes. And to help you protect against unexpected costs. And along with that you get. A one year warranty through a homebuilder which if you’re building it yourself you don’t always get a warranty. And if you if the guys that you’re hiring yourself knows that you’re hiring hiring the job yourself. They are going to. More than likely not answer their phone call when you have a issue. That’s another benefit of hiring a builder that if a problem does arise during the year sometimes during the first two years that builders is going to make sure that you’re taken care of. And with Oklahoma City home builders and Jalen and homes we will always make sure you’re taken care of. So. You know you’re protected against unexpected costs with a new home warranty. Modern homes can can be warranted for up to 10 years at certain for certain you know aspects of the building and you can even buy your warranties. But a very reasonable cost that will cover your home structurally and. Your slab in your foundation. A lot of people don’t know that. Once again hiring a professional. He can walk you through this process and inform you of things that could save you a lot of money in the future. So. You know if you if you customize your home with all the needs you have 15 television sets and cables and drops and phone jacks and electrical outlets. You know it could all be a very large expense that you didn’t know there was modern things out there that helped you Wi-Fi things or helps you go wireless in the House that that a you know a custom home builder with Oklahoma City home builders utility homes can inform you of all these things and help you save money in certain places or certain aspects of the home. And you know there’s just so many advantages of having hiring a professional builder that. We could go on and go on to go on for days but with Oklahoma City homebuilders and a lot of homes you’re going to get set down and you’re going to get explained to from the beginning what’s going to
save you money what’s going to cost you money. What’s going to be long term what’s going to be short term. And help you decide what’s going to be the best benefit for you. Now let’s talk about the disadvantages. Without discipline costs can go crazy. If you’re building this house with yourself. If you’re hiring a custom home builder he’s going to keep your budget. Budgets are something that I see. Go. Get out of hand all the time in this business. So we make it a point at Oklahoma City home builders a lot of homes to go over each one of the budgets with you. On everything in the home to make sure that you understand the budget and you stay within that budget. So by the time we get done with the home you’re not having to come up with another $25000 because of things that you got excited about over Pinterest or something to that effect. We inform you from the beginning before you even start. The House what’s going to cost you the most amount of money. You know some people look as I was just a little extra here a little extra there are those extras add up and thousands of dollars in the end. So. In that situation can end up sucking in a hurry. Financing a custom home can be a challenge also because people don’t realize they just think it’s going to go out. Get a mortgage and build a house. It doesn’t work that way because. Long term financing isn’t always offered. On. A construction. To to. To get construction construction along. With Oklahoma City home builders and Jay and homes. We we set you up with the local. Banks and financing institutions that will do the construction loan for you. And if you need help with getting permanent financing we have those resources also. So we work with a whole team of professionals in the real estate construction business to for us to be your one stop shop to help you build your new home. There’s so many unexpected costs. For the most part that cannot be detected at the time without expense testing. When you’re hiring a custom home builder. He’s been if you hire one he’s got a reputable name and has been in the business for a while. He can help you. Determine what’s going to cost you in the long run. What. Oklahoma City home builders and their loan and homes. There’s there’s no reason for you to go. Be over budget 10 to 15 percent. And. Coming into high end don’t have to go back to the banker and make for more money.

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