When building a custom home with the homebuilders and joint homes there’s a whole lot of things that. The process but that are reasonably complicated during the process. And hundreds of decisions to make in these situations are often often often arise that are really no big deal to an experienced builder that can be quite the devastating thing to you or quite a big situation that you thought was going to be a big deal. Until you spoke with you know a custom home builder or Oklahoma City home builders and trailer homes that you’re going to think that he’s not taking it 100 percent. You know it’s serious is you but more than likely if he’s an experienced builder he’s experienced it knows how to fix the problem and remedy it. And it is going to cost you a dime. That’s the that’s the benefits of having a custom home builder is you’re getting experience plus the man’s time. That’s really what you’re paying the builder to do. You’re not really paying him to you know stand on the job all day and micromanage the people. The thing you’re painting for his experience and you’re painting for his access to good trades and you’re painting for his time. That’s the three things that you’re paying a builder to do that. Most people don’t have. None of them that are attempting to build a custom home. And when when you’re hiring a custom home builder with Oklahoma City homebuilders. Or Jalen homes you’re getting a. Multitude of advantages to trying to do the job on your own. There are so many different things to look at. You know furniture decorative items. What’s ugly what’s not ugly what’s what’s and what’s not in. You know what type of lumber to use what type of lumber cheaper if you spread your tube of words out. Or use to with 6s on the walls. What type of insulation you’re doing. If you was what’s code. You know can you spread your tube of force out or two by six is your wall studs up to 24 inches to get more insulation. Is it going to pass code and is it structurally sound enough. With hiring a custom home builder who’s going to give you his opinion and then he’s going to tell you if he knows and he’s been experienced enough he’s going to tell you what code is what engineers have come back and said about doing such things. They’re going to tell you what you Rufe’s fans you know what type of cutting and roofs are going to save you money builders builders should if you allow him to save you his fee. And build a better quality home than what you could save doing it yourself and building on your own. So hiring a custom home builder with Oklahoma City home builders and London homes you’re getting. An experienced person almost at the same cost of you trying to do it on your own. It is going to save you should a good builder should save you money in the long run. You know some inner some areas intentionally make you know new construction very difficult. You know if you’re building the city in and outside there’s a big different building inside the city and dealing with all of the. Municipal governments. And if you’re if you hire ability builder that doesn’t doesn’t build in the city much and you’re building your home inside the city Oklahoma City. Make sure you hired Oklahoma City homebuilder or Jay London homes so you don’t make mistakes and you don’t forget to account for all the extra expenses on impact fees and sewer taps and water meters and things like that. It’s an out of town builder that only built out in the county number one doesn’t always build the code because they’re not required to stay up to stuff with the new code because there are no
inspections in the county. When you’re building with Oklahoma City home builders and Jay London homes we build everything to code. We build everything above code. And we do it to save you money and provide you a good product and we try to do it within cost. Reason. The disadvantaged advantage is not a hundred percent complete but hopefully you get you’re getting the picture of you know seeing what what what advantages of building with a custom home builder with Oklahoma City home builders and JELLETT in homes is compared to building with. The your gold or. Building you know without without a custom Oklahoma City home builder . Jay London homes.

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