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Good morning London with Jay London homes here and Oklahoma City home builders today we’re going to talk a little bit about framing. There’s several different ways to frame a home but they all usually end up the same throughout my years of building homes. I’ve experienced several different frameworks that go about framing the whole different but in the end products are always the same. There’s there’s four or five different steps that they do with the framing and under the new codes there’s a whole lot of changes that’s been made in the 20 15 go. And several cities that we build it do not enforce the 2015. Oklahoma City has just started and of course in the 2015 codes this year cities are still working on the 2012 killed. And what I’m talking about code is what I am referring to is the international residential building codes which is I.R.S. codes and they are a kind of like the Book of Law. When it comes to construction the legislation or the state or the house or whoever approves all the laws they put it in a book and then they send the codes down to the construction industry boards of cities and municipalities for them to review and enforce what they choose to enforce. One of the books about five inches thick and not every code is enforced by the cities the cities have the right to elected to enforce whatever they choose to enforce. So the reason being some of the cities are still enforcing the 2012 codes is it takes training with all the inspectors to get everybody on board to start enforcing the the code they choose to enforce. Oklahoma City Home Builders
And the reason the cities don’t just adopt the code the minute they come out by legislators is because they have to review them and see what’s changed in them so they can educate their inspectors. So get back to the Friday when it comes to framing. Normally the the guys plot lines and what they do what that means by having lights is they lay out the walls on the slab with a chalk for an they used to start on the exterior walls or from the exterior area once they get the exterior walls. Right. And they were for interior walls and into the walls is going to be a very good thing about load bearing walls if you want to make sure you always double or triple the studs under where you’re going to put your roofs off on it with Jane Linda Holmes in Oklahoma City Home Builders one of our biggest things as we make sure that they will be no blowing in the roofs. There will be no weak spots. Coach says anything over six inches on a bracelet has to have a tea bag on it. And what a tea bag is as you take it to the six that you’re using for a brace from the roof line down to the top of the top plate and then you put another 6:02 on the back side of it in the teeth which drink strengthens the basics and with Jay Leno at home up from sitting home builders.
We we go above and beyond. Oklahoma City Home Builders
So we make sure that even if it’s five foot we’re going to teabag the back backs out of that brace so we know that it’s done properly and we don’t have to worry about any any structural problems later on with the roof line because there’s quite a bit of weight put on roof and all the shingles and that taking in everything with when it comes to spans for ceiling joists the code specifically states on water to expand. Isn’t there several different quality of lumber people don’t know that you can get one twos and threes in the lumber you know where one being the best three bean. Well there’s actually four to five but trees are pretty standard of what we use for sealing Seelie choice in bedrooms. Anything that’s not going to have a weight on it over the garages. We use something called a teach VI which is an engineered by B. And there’s different heights for different spans of I-beams. The reason we use them years and years ago builders are framers just used to the twelves in there because they didn’t have engineered lumber with today’s engineering and codes and stuff. There is a whole lot of engineered lumber used on homes that meet or go above standards. And I guess the reason it’s called is that it’s just like anything else. Somebody get something to happen and somebody gets sued. That’s kind of what starts over mold which I look at homes and sent home builders. Oklahoma City Home Builders
We send our plans into our lumber contractor and their engineer does the take off her plants for us and they engineer all of her lover and all of our plants.
So when we go to frame a home our plan basically has an engineering stamp on it. So we know that there but we know that the plants are Moorthy the house and we’re framing is above or at least meets code with the spans above code. We try to we try to exceed code every chance that we can. We believe in building a product above above and beyond what’s normally out there on the and which I love that old city home builders. We strive to build the best product out there. Other times you can’t you can’t put things where the plant says it needs to be we run into this a lot.
The plan says this but it just won’t work because you’ve got architects to sit on a computer that drawl it up and the computer says it will work.
That doesn’t mean it will when you get out there on the job site because there is no perfect plan and also to see home builders.
We do our best to make it perfect. Oklahoma City Home Builders
But the White House isn’t perfect so we try to we try to get it as square and as straight as we can but it’s just you have human error and that’s just that’s just how it is in this business. So when we are framing this house of the lumber isn’t what it used to be years ago either. Lumber seems to be softer. No. 2 before it’s not true to before it’s two or three quarters by three and three quarters. Sometimes three and a half. So our goal is to buy the best lumber that we can put in the to put into the home and provide the quality framed products that we stress to the public and we do we like to make sure we try to call all the bad lumber that we can put in put in the best we can at home. Oklahoma City Home Builders
So when you get what you do in span’s you’ve got to look at make sure you get to make sure your framer knows what he’s doing.
First off you know there’s so many guys out here doing this business frame and it’s stuff that they made that they might have been the brick of brick or yesterday became a framer today. You’ve got to make sure these guys know what they’re doing and what you’re into it long enough you can tell right off the bat if this framework for friend knows what he’s doing. And that’s part of hiring a builder. But a state certified builder builder with some education he knows he’s going to be on the job.
He knows what’s right he knows what’s wrong.
And a lot of these young guys out here they just don’t have a clue because they grew up in an office and I call them windshield builders. They don’t even get out of the truck they drive by to see if the framers on the job they rode on.
And the framers fail inspection. They did send the list of the frame of the framer fix instead of going after with them and walk in the house. We walk every house after it’s framed. Oklahoma City Home Builders
We walk in. We mark the things that need to be fixed blemishes. We do it our self we don’t just rely on the city inspectors or the third party inspectors to tell the drivers what’s wrong. We make it fix it because we don’t like to fail inspections. So we we were going from in the house right and getting it up and getting it done the right the first That’s London homes in Oklahoma City. No

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