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With Jay London homes in Oklahoma City home builders we always look forward to meeting you at the job site to address any of your concerns or questions because we don’t like going to sleep at night worry. So once the grid plumbing ground is done.
The next phase is the flatwork guys come in and fill the.
Slab with sand and poor pool or your slab. Now. I hear it on every job every slab I ever pour. Once that slabs down the first thing is going to come to your mind is that House is not the house I’m building and it’s a lot smaller.
The slab will always look smaller. Until you get that house right. So keep that in mind before you run and your builder saying it’s not the house that I’m building because it will look small set on the ground. The monolithic slabs are all one poor. Normally what they’ll do is they’ll form it up dig the footings.
The trenches and into your footings plumber comes in and does his plant van work just like a traditional slab and then they spread all the sand and it is all one pour your footings and your slab is all going to be all one piece of concrete. I like those type of slabs but they’re just not commonly used in the metro area. But with Jay Leno in homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We would make sure that this slab is being done when your property is going to be the traditional slab that’s going to be solid and.
Good for you. The postage slab is very similar to a monolithic poor. The only thing with the postage in it is engineered slab. And it has cables tied across it in a waffle pattern. And then once your slab is model monolithic ally poured on one port then they have. The stretchers come in and they pull the cables tight from one side of the house to the other which in theory is supposed to keep your slab. From. Moving or cracking or.
It’s supposed to be a better slab. Now I have had experiences with it postage and slabs are not real good on a very. High.
Clay. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Type soil where Clay tends to move swell and shrink a whole lot. I don’t know. You know I’m not an engineer so I can explain to you why they’re not is not as good on that type of soil than others but it tends to tends to move around a whole lot. And when a slab starts to move and it.
It causes stress cracks in your house. Now there’s a lot of builder out here will argue with you but. With Jalen in homes we’ve built just about all over the state so we’ve experienced difference different. Souls and soul compositions than a lot of the builders in the metro that’s never built anywhere other than the admin area or the Moore area or the Mustang area. We’ve built way down south where the clay is predominantly the type of soul that you deal with and the clay soil is it’s a it’s a different different type of a soul than the sandy loan that we have up here in the metro.
So. The traditional slabs like the footage in Stimme walls can cannot be done down south either because there are three different ports and the ground will move and eventually your slab will come. Separate. So there’s only one type of slab to do down south. And that’s called a waffle monolithic slab and we can get into that if you’re going to build down south with Jane and hold onto the home builders. We make sure that your slabs are going to be there for the duration of your life. Then once you get you you slabs during That’s the slab point process you want to. Get your construction service pope a lot these are is brings electricity to your job site so your guys. Can frame and do whatever it is they need to do. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Depending on who your service company is they’re going to have specs on where they want that poll how they want that pole. And what you’ve got to do to do it.
Most of your electricians that you’re going to hire will come out set up and they know what needs to be done where so that you just contact electrician tell him that you need a construction pole. They go out and say if they call in their inspection inspectors come out and inspect appalling you get a meter put on it. It’s that simple. This is something else that you’re building supposed to be doing. During this lab process depending on which slab you go with.
There’s normally two different inspections areas footings inspections and then a slab inspection depending on what city you are you’re building in some cities just inspect the footings and they could care less about your slack. There is a few other cities that inspects your dirt pad inspects your footings and inspect your flatwork and inspect your compassion of your sand. So it just kind of depends on what city you work out so make sure that you’re your builder. Has built homes in the. City that you’re thinking of building and. When you land in homes in Oklahoma City home builders. Have built in every metro city well every city in the metro and the outside the metro so we’re pretty pretty versed on. What city does what inspections and we make sure that we pass those inspections. Moving on after you get your slab. During. The process of knowing when your slab is going to be poured. You want to make sure that you have got.
Your plant over to your lumber or your frame or depending on which however you’re going to do your.
Your Lumber take off more than likely your problem or your builder is going to have already set your plans over to the lumber yard.
He’s going to use in the yard is done a take off for your house package.
And they got you back the price of what the House back is going to be.
You need to schedule with them. A delivery of the wall package.
There’s three phases of the material normally delivered to the jobsite the walls the joys and then.
The walls and Joyce usually not go together and then you get the rafters that go together and then you and your CORNISH And your decking together and you cornichons you’re going by yourself in your face and your stuff around the outside. That’s normally the three delivery packages so you want to make sure that.
Once your slab. The day that you found it. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Josh Levs getting poured the framer is usually contacted a week ahead of time telling letting him know that there will be a slab ready for him to start. You know if you’re going to fall or Friday be ready for him start on Monday morning. You want to make sure that your frame pack is there early. Monday morning. Why form the framework because Him guys don’t like to be sitting around a job. So you want to get your frame back delivered. And then the framers out there pop in lines. And one day to follow the lines that are basically laying on your walls your walls are getting laid out to. Start standing.
This is when you’re going to encounter problems of your plumbing not being exactly in the walls. And normally a good builder or an intelligent framer will know that a will I can move this. This was played over two inches and make sure that the plumbing in it won’t affect any any other. Problems in the house and save the plumber from Jack Habbaniyah floor. Now if he’s out three or four feet in you know there’s no option. You’re going to have to jackhammer. But normally. If it’s three or four feet out you would have caught that into the ground before they poured the slab. A builder normally does so but if it’s off six inches it’s almost impossible to catch those mistakes. It just happens when when that the plans are that the walls are laid out then you know it’s just part of it part of the construction process.

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