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Over the years I’ve built several homes with roof overhangs for 12 to 24 inches in my opinion unless our critic. Can give you a very good reason.
Anything over 18 inches is a waste of money time.
You know everything. You know 12 inches. Is this anything over 12 inches and this you know may seem poor until you get to the price of material labor necessarily run of hundreds of feet of soffit.
You know this is one place I really recommend you know cutting back on the cost and saving the money. You know front porches and stupes. There’s so much space underneath you know the front porches and you know they’re not done correctly you know.
Or if they’re done correctly you know like they may they could add value in terms of curb appeal you know Collins will do more to add class to ports and any other feature. And now with Jane on going home we make sure that you know you get something looking very good. You know I absolutely love a 10 inch round column but you know I put it on the 8:12 you know eight inch round Calment on my house and then on top of that I put a 10 inch square beam seaters on the back porch. It’s just really gave an amazing look. At Oklahoma City home builders.
We make sure that you get you know you get these Copperfield’s and these things you know we hope you think about them. You know let’s talk about Windows when your windows work in conjunction with the orientation to bring you natural light and heat into the home placement the Windows has a huge influence on the inside atmospheres. You know as it is on the outside. I write this I’m not saying this is my art because I’m I’m sitting at the kitchen table and in my living living room where is that kitchen table my dining room drinking a cup of coffee this morning and I’m looking out my back window and I’ve got a.
Seven foot opening by seven foot opening that’s all glass and it’s so it’s almost like I’m sitting outside but I’m sitting inside an air conditioner. And
it’s. Like right now and it’s pretty stinking warm out here.
So. But you know the windows have a big huge impact when you know so when thinking about it there are huge energy losses don’t you stove any window any sub grade window in. You know I just. Builder grade windows what most people call them on your custom home because you’re going to pay for it in the long run. You you lose most of your energy outside your windows.
Blinds are another thing you know put in blinds in a home can sure help help cut back on energy waste and you know in homes in Oklahoma City home builders we make sure that that you get it. Oklahoma City Home Builders
You know you get the cost of a good window included in your budget. So we want to make sure that you guys get. It get the best bang out of you but for windows whose windows has a huge impact when your home.
Master bedroom you know if you master bedroom on the west end of the hall on the main floor you know with a second set gets you a master suite at the east and all the areas where they. Where we live on the south end of the house with us the walk in closets and so formal formal garage and formal living room in London home the custom.
Oklahoma City home builders you know it’s pretty important for you to get you know to.
Get all the heat and everything shut down. You know when you go to bed at night and not in your house too hot there are several types of windows in materials that they used you know the thing about you know the name of the windowsill when you’re shopping for Windows you’re going to need to know the lingo and fix a list of sort of for the fixed window a fixed window top window has it fixed or not opening pane of glass. Or you could call it a picture window has no bars or anything in between is usually usually used mainly to bring in like over doors or other windows to brighten the foyer. Well nowadays people are starting to use Windows on you know back in their living room and back patio and in the breakfast nook so you know it’s becoming a becoming a trend now with Jay Leno and others and the whole village. Help you pick the right window for the right spot. Another one it’s called single home. You know you young single Sing-Along windows are operational windows are opening windows and they’re usually the ones that got the screens on them by code. You have to have one in every bedroom.
We don’t have to have them in your living room on your dining room but in every bedroom you have to have a single window.
It is a must. You know so you know they have a top and a bottom sash. That’s the there’s two different pieces of glass and most of the time the top if you order it with some kind of design the. Top is get the design and at the bottom does it you know you can get a design in both of them a grid pattern.
So people call it but most of the time also that the bottom is all only one that operates. It goes up in depth. You can get a higher end window where both sashes move or you taco’s down and get bottom goes up. But why do you want all that. You know you’re either going to have the top open or the bottom open so there’s no point to spend an extra money on both sashes moving you know.
So double what it is let’s talk about doubling. You know I often recommend my clients to install these upper story bedrooms because both sashes operate and both tilt. In for easier cleaning. Because if you’re trying to clean windows in on a second story. And only way you can get to the outside of them is climbing up the ladder. It makes you look favorable to clean one. So when both sashes move up and down. You know sliding past each other. Most only allow you to open once actually the title. Makes it a lot easier when when you’re able to just hang out the window up there. And clean the windows.
Jay London owns a good Oklahoma City Home builders. You know we like to make sure that you get the houses done right. Let’s look at some other one is casement window. That’s another one of my favorite sketches when is are hinged on the side. Much like a door operated using a hand crank. I usually recommend going with the top quality casement because a cheap opening mechanism will cause you problems down the road if you don’t get a good call quality casement. You will have problems with them down the road. It’s just know there are problems with case with Windows if you don’t buy the best awning weddings awning Wyndham’s or awning windows or similar to casement windows. But our hands at the top and the bottom or the bottom you know they can also have two sections one hinged at the top and on at the bottom. So you know there are so many different choices of when deciding when you are flying side to side when traction on the job glass sliding door.
They tend to get a bit expensive though so really think about a pallet in a padded window consists of a group of three windows multi-game either with an arch above arched window but you know usually just of the middle window picture window we kind of talked about that before.
There there’s still so many so many different windows to choose from. With Oklahoma City home builders in and who we. We kind of go over each and every one of them what the pros and cons are. So we can kind of give you an idea what’s what may meet your needs. So we want to make sure that you’re getting what you’re wanting to get.

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