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Let’s talk about roofs.
Roofs tend to eat up a whole lot of cost. And with the pitches that we do on roofs now there is so much wasted space up in the attic that people just don’t realize what the cost the cost of the waste.
You know rooflines they have a huge effect on the lives of the home and you can you know you can you can just blow your budget up on the roof or roof.
You know it seems like nowadays in all these new new homes these are architects just love to put high pitch roofs one custom home designs and. All it does is just eat up your cost. Yes it’s pretty good. A pretty valuation. But. You know you can do a 12 roof for about half the cost as you can 12:12 roof what you know what that means seven 12 12 12 all that means is you know it is the pitch the greater the roof. So for every 12 inches on a 12 tall roof it’s going to fall 12 inches.
So it’s just like a six 12 roof for every every 12 inches a roof only falls six inches in down.
So you know for 12 years for you know 56 years ago for 12 and 312 was a very common roof that’s what a low low roof light did take as much shingles.
Of course you know nowadays we put our age back up in the attic. Back then you couldn’t you had a fat closet but it’s just.
Now if you’re if your house is placed on a lot of a lot you know with a high pitched roof the more roof removed the roof will be more visible. You know as I mentioned earlier as a general rule it’s the house that sits below the street level. You know you want less roof slope.
And if it sits above the street the more the the the more the better. So always make sure that you don’t take in the pitch of your roof which you consider the cost of your home. And in Oklahoma the home builders and Jay London homes we we help you evaluate everything.
You know architects love to design homes. SEA BROOK pictures especially if someone else is paying for it like you you know with a custom job so the first few houses we built. I bought a plant from a particular block architect who love huge roofs what’s left of it is you know very cut up. With roof having multiple angles and directions and elevations. And after you know the third project realized the money. Oklahoma City Home Builders

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