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Today’s world you really get to be very careful and not buying land but with environmental issues and with that being said with Oklahoma City home builders and Geminid homes we help you make sure you don’t make those type of mistakes meaning if there is environmental hazards you know we that we think there may be something there we’ll contact the department Environmental Quality we’ll contact the city and we’ll make sure that you know those type of issues don’t want arise on your lot.
You know or you know perhaps you’re lot you’re looking at buying has been doing some type of wetland or something to that effect or you know five years ago it wasn’t in a flood zone but now it is you know those sort of things can get very costly very fast. If you if you don’t do your due diligence and check on things. One time I developed a piece of commercial property was a less than an acre on some low low land. At that time wasn’t considered floodplain but it was low. We knew it was low but it wasn’t in the flood plain a flood zone. Well then FEMA came out and changed a new flood plains.
Three years later it raised the elevations three feet which puts the property in a floodplain now with USDA floodplain. What do you think that insurance rates. So when you’re when you’re choosing your location to build your home. Think about the future always.
You know I always talk to people you know about building their home and what they know what they want to get out of it and what they want to do with the home and people. It never amazes me that you know first thing first thing after Mass I want a good deal. I want a good deal. I want a good deal.
Well when you’re looking for that great deal you may get a good deal but you may get a good deal. And when that happens you just remember you pay what you pay for what you get in or you know or how they say you get what you pay for. And in that in the construction business that is very true. If you want a good deal I’m sure we can build a house cheap which you’re going to get a cheap house you’re going to get a house built cheap cheaply.
And unsustainable. So always take that and consideration that you know don’t don’t always have a good deal when a good deal you want quality always at in or you want it a good quality deal. And with Jay London homes in Oklahoma City Home Builders you’ll get a good quality product at a good price.

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