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So today we’re going to get a little bit about the construction process. But Jalen and homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We always want to make sure that you understand the process and you can comprehend it because the construction. Of a home is a pretty in depth detail process. So what I’m going to do is give you a general feeling of the overall construction process. I’m not going to do it Tim to make you an expert in construction similes or boy you to death with a lot of the details. You’ll never need to know. So after all I’m not trying to teach you to be a contractor. But I am trying to make sure that you don’t get nailed by a bad builder. If you choose to go with someone other than Jay Leno and Holmes and city $0. And I also want to do my best to make sure that it’s going to be a fun and enjoyable experience for you. And that you’re happy with the end result. No matter which way you go with whether it be with Jalen and Holmes or some other Oklahoma City home builders I thought long and hard about this and trying to decide the best way to cover what you need to know about about the process. Without boring you. So finally I decided to do a checklist showing us you know basic steps in building with four different systems. The traditional. Stick built. And metal framing approach. And there is another one called it penalize approach but it’s also a modular approach.
But you just don’t see that much in Oklahoma City homebuilders and they learn and how we just we just don’t do that kind of stuff here. And then I’ll add some suggestions and a few things to watch. If you feel the need to pay attention to them. So. With four years it will be you know we’ll give you an idea of how material quantities are derived from your drawings. Not so you can figure what the exact quantity. But so if a number sounds a little squirrelly or way too you can. Run a few numbers and see if if they make sense. So with J London homes and OMC on Gillers I want to make sure you guys can understand that side so if your frame impact comes it back twice as much as what you thought it should be. You know how to figure. And that’s that’s why I did a checklist. To make sure to make it easy to skip through and ignore if you if you so choose. Keep in mind.
Also that this is the way I organize these building systems. If your if your builder varies the process a little bit does it.
You know maybe you do anything wrong because we all of us builders at Oklahoma City homebuilders and even adjacent homes you know we. We all build a different way but usually you’re in products that come to same. So a traditional stick. Framing checklist and you know what are you going to purchase the property.
We talked about this in the beginning the.
I prefer this to be the first step because it makes the design process more accurate and complete.
Also doing any testing at this stage for Ferbey before you purchase like a part test report souls reports any of tests you know you feel necessary you know then you then you set up a limited budget. This does not have to be Jack. At this point but within a range. Number three should start shopping for financing.
If you haven’t already got financing with Jay London homes we help you get the financing that you need with our local banks and our contacts and our vendors that we’ve done.
And then if you’ve already got your own financing you’ll need something called the take out letter. For the bank that’s going to do the construction financing for you and I take it take out letter is normally given to you by a mortgage broker. And what they do is they do the permanent financing. The local bank does a construction financing and then they rate and term your construction loan into permanent financing. Some very few but they are a couple of lenders out there that do something called a one time closing Oklahoma City home builders and they land in homes we’re going to steer you to the right position so you don’t get hosed by these guys. Some of them charge a enormous amount of money. To do that construction to perm financing. And. We help you. Walk you through that process.
So you don’t get taken care taken advantage of by the bad lenders as we call them.
So let’s get back to that to our list number four design and purchase a house plan. You may or may not need an architect. I strongly strongly suggest you get an architect because that’s just something unless you’re unless you’re skilled at numbers and plot plans and wall heights and roof cuts and all of that.
You need to get an architect.
And ninety nine point nine percent of your builders won’t even talk to you unless you do have a plan or an idea of a plan so they can get a. A stamped certified plan drawn up.
With Jay London homes in Oklahoma City home builders. That’s another process that we help you do. We have architects. That we set you up with to get your financing taken care of or I’m sorry. Get your get your house plan drawn up. And what they do is we take you there they’ll draw you up a preliminary let you think about it kick it around and if you want to make some changes you can make some changes and they allow you three changes before it starts costing you money. So with the home builders and their loan and homes. Where Here hold your hand through the whole process. Back to our list. When you do. Start having a houseplant rolled up. You’ve got to put you need to put together a specific. Sheet.
That sheet. Breaks down all of the things that you’re wanting in the home. This will help the. Architect. To understand or get a better feeling of what you’re wanting to. Put in your house. And with Oklahoma City home builders and Daylon and homes. We. Walk you through that process and we tell you what normally will work where you want to put it or if it’s feasible or doable or undoable or just.
Totally ludicrous.
And when I scared to tell you that it won’t work. That’s our job. The key to keep you informed of what won’t. What will work and what won’t work.
And we’re pretty good at telling you or knowing.
What things can be done and what things can’t be done.
You know you’ve got to be realistic and specific about what you want do.
Do you want stainless steel appliances concrete walls in the basement. We don’t do many basements around Oklahoma but every once a while we do know what type of fixtures you want in the house crown noting you know if you if you’re on the infield lot where you have access to all the utilities are we going where we’re going to put gas to a lot of people don’t think about dropping a gas line on the back porch to have their grill up too so they don’t have to carry their little propane tanks or little gas tanks around all the time. I always suggest that when I’m building a home for somebody and it’s just little little little things like that people don’t think about when they’re building a house when they met the after they moved in.
They’ll say Gosh I wish I’d done that. So that now is the time to do all that stuff because it gets very expensive to come back later and do it in jail and in Oklahoma city home builders. That’s what our job is

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