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Today we’re going to talk a little bit about things that will help you decide if something’s wrong or if it’s just your imagination.
So which I learned at home you know comes in the home builders we’re going to we’re going to discuss several of the things that you can you can think about during during your construction process or after the construction if there if there’s problems and you’re wondering about it. Oklahoma City Home Builders
So let’s talk about you know the site grading areas filled blacks field after excavations do tend to settle. You always have to carry back dirt in the job sites if there’s been you know big training of like your sewer line stuff like there areas at the foundation you ditches in need fresh and should be filled after 7:00.
So they don’t interfere with the drainage away from drainage away from the foundation and away from the property if possible the final grading and landscaping should be done prior to closing. We normally get it done but you know before closing sometimes you know depending how fast you need to move into the house. We don’t always get you know your landscaping done. But if not possible you know getting if not possible for closing at the earliest date after closing. So you want to make sure that it’s done. So the homeowner can keep things watered in a Dunwell drainage you know it’s always necessary that grades and swells should have been established by the builder to ensure proper drainage away from their home after final grade. Water should not pond or stand in the main areas except in swells for more than 24 hours. And should it be out of swells it should be out of this well within 48 hours. The builder is responsible only for that initial initial establishing the proper grades and swells of the final grade. The homeowners Fossel for maintaining such great swells.
Normally if you do anything different to the landscaping or you add landscaping after after the builder is done his job in those drainage issues are usually your issue with Jay Leno and homes in Oklahoma City home builders will always make sure that our greatest property and we get a good fall from the house so we don’t have problems. We’re going to talk about some concrete foundation wall shrinkage and cracks are not unusual with the concrete foundation walls and. Such cracks greater than that of any age. Oklahoma City Home Builders
We kind of Oklahoma with the way our soul is and stuff we say a quarter of an inch or four quarters you can drop four quarters down into the crack and you’ve got an issue. Anything bigger than that and the builder should should become over it should be addressed with a builder and he should come and take a look at it.
Vapor barriers. Oklahoma City Home Builders
The city of Oklahoma City right now is the only one requiring vapor barriers on monolithic slabs or post tensions with Joe London over Oklahoma City home builders. We still put them in any homes that were not we. Any monolithic or or post ancient regardless of where we would do them at. We normally put them on the slab.
Prior to pouring the concrete so we can keep the moisture from coming up through the slab. Concrete does draw moisture through it. If you don’t believe me. Dump some salt on a concrete floor and come back the next day and see how much more shit got came through that slab. So vapor barriers are normally put down which is appalling urethane and it’s put down before the concrete poured in between the concrete and the dirt. Any any cracks in your slabs. The garage floors. Same way Korvin which. Requires any kind of patches or repairing.
See how. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Staps stupes garage floors they should not settle heave. Or separate an excess of an inch from the house structure. Assuming builder installed solar drainage is maintained by the homeowner. Water should drain from the outdoor stupes or steps.
The possibility of minor water standing on the stoops for a short period of time is normal. Jaylen and HOLMES No clumsy home builders. We always have a good fall from the. From the house to the. Outside of your. Porches.
So there is this should never be any pooling of water running back towards the house after all right wouldn’t plastic rough carpentry you know. Wood floors wood floor squeak.
There is new construction stuff out there glues and ring shaped nails and stuff that. Minimize the squeaking.
But over time your wood floors will squeak. There is no way of guaranteeing a squeak proof floor. We’ve gotten into it we’ve tried most your framers now we use of antique flooring on your second floor. And on your steps. And then we will glue it down with a. Subfloor. C-Net or a liquid nails type. Caulking and then on top of that we’ll nail it down with a ring shaped nail it. It minimizes most for squeaking in over time. Hopefully. Our goal is to keep the squeak to a minimum and homes of homes and home builders. We’ve been pretty successful of keeping the squeaks of the floors but there is no possible way to guarantee it and nobody will guarantee it Vantec glue. It’s it’s it’s came light years. From.
The. One about wells that the.
Framers used 30 years ago but you know it’s designed for that type of stuff and it is also designed not to swell it if it does happen you get wet. So.
The Jois that we’re using now days are engineered lumber not just to Whitwell’s it for so many years it framers have used we use mostly engineered lumber.
Sieglinde Joyce. 11 7 8. TGR Isar Lebanon seven eighths Elvie else are alien males. Depending on what you know what the engineer plans are you are saying that we need to use which. Keeps the bounce out of the floor and keeps a lot of the noise out of the floor. With Jay Leno and Hogan the home builders were were always striving to put the best product in your home so there’s no issues in the long run.

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