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OK let’s talk about draw schedules with Jay lived in homes in Oklahoma City home builders. There’s usually about 10 drawings done during construction of a home.
Banks like to get a little unhappy when it takes more than 10 rolls to build a house.
So you know the rule of thumb is about 200 assembler’s do it in six. Well we’re going to talk about the unrolls today and we’re going to go them a schedule of what. When when a draw schedules are usually done. Normally with a builder if you’re building a custom. Upon signing a contract and your loan approval they are going to require a certain percentage down for them to get started. And that’s simply because they’re going to have incurred cost before they actually get work done. Builders usually charge. A cost plus fee which is just kind of defensible. You know what. What type of agreement you have with them.
Jay Leno’s we we turn keep everything under 300000 and anything over 300000 we’re going to do a cost plus our cost plus fees usually the builder fees are going to be 10 percent. And we’ve got to carry it in and.
It’s called overhead builder overhead of 5 percent. So our total fees normally 15 percent on a cost plus project. And people are always asking more what’s the 5 percent. It’s just like any other business. We’ve got paperwork we’ve got time we’ve got assistance and stuff like that debt that is just like running any other business you’re going to have you’re going to have expenses and that 5 percent covers the expenses of doing business the 10 percent is our fee for managing the job. So that’s that’s where that’s how it works. When you go to a doctor’s office he’s going to have a he’s got assistance he’s got paperwork he’s got office he’s got etc. etc. etc. you know just the normal cost of doing business just because we come in and say. Well it’s going to cost you this much. Well it’s going to cost you that much because we have. Expenses. Not ever built or does it the same as some builders are a lot higher in a lot of it determines on the project the scope of the project. If it’s going to be a five million dollar house and it’s going to take two years to build and it’s going to take three supervisors on the job and you can imagine that it’s going to cost more than 15 percent. Because of the expanse of the job.
It all boils down to you know whatever the job is the reason we do a turnkey on 300000 or under is it’s just it’s just easier for us to carry the weight of the construction and the financing and the cost and all of that stuff that it is going to cost plus we don’t like chasing people for checks all the stinking time.
But when it gets into a bigger project then it requires a lot of time sitting down and going over all the bills and collecting checks from the homeowners and stuff on over 300000. So when it comes down to that doing the cost plus it’s just we just feel that if anything over 300000 is better doing a cost plus on then doing a turnkey job on set so let’s get back to the drawings. Normally what I require. Jay Leno’s Oklahoma City home with the home builders is at the site of the contract.
And on the close of the loan before we even started any work we require 10000 now. Some builders require different now. Some of it by percentages it’s just it just depends on the builder. There’s nothing set in stone there’s no rules no bad nights. But that is normally your first draw and it’s put in the contract is put in the draw sheet your builder does your draw sheet your builder does your contract and your builder does. Your cost to build for the bike. Now depending on what bank you used was what establishment some some of them do a percentage on their draws some of them just Cherney and when you turn in a draw sheet they go by their draw sheets only. So it’s just there’s so many different angles of this business.
And if your builder has it been in it long enough to understand it then he says be careful.
Jane in Oklahoma City home builders we are equipped to handle all of it and most of them we’ve done done the job with. So you first crossed as I said is usually a percentage or Araya. I. Set them out. And then normally add the second draw comes in at slab stage slab foundation. Now depending on what part of the country you build him or people say slab. There assuming. That. The slab is all one poor monolithic some parts of the country still do flooding just here in Oklahoma City with Jerilyn and homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We do all three. We do voting against them all will be monolithic I will do post-action. It’s really kind of up to the homeowner and what they wanted. And if they ask us it just depends on the soil where it’s set. If there’s any feel etc etc. So we hope you make that determination on and Oklahoma City home builders the first or second drowsed only the slab and that includes anything necessary to get to get a completed foundation including but not limited to the permits Design Works soft cost like insurance’s materials labor the good plumbing ground any dirty work etc.. It’s usually about 15 percent of your of your initial construction and that’s that’s going to be your second girl and. Then you know once you get your slab down and the frame is called Call up and stuff then you’re going to have a second draw and that’s normally done after the framing and the roofing stuff the draw occurs after the foundation is complete and the framing is almost. Almost completed. Oklahoma City Home Builders
We usually turn it in about the time that we’re or decking the roof because we’re going to have roofing company in that weekend and if you have a very expensive time of year of construction cost is your first 30 days you’re eating up 50 percent of your loan because it goes almost so quickly at that time. With Jay Leno. So you know builders we make sure. That your phone scheduling and you’re not going to be drawing ahead or you getting ahead of everything because most of these events require the homeowner to make interest payments monthly on it so we don’t want getting you too far ahead. Will you make any interest payments on things just not being done on the job. So with your third draw you know it’s usually around 10 percent it includes your frame your roof your windows your doors. Labor material and any safeguards secured during framing you know the the rough stage of the framing you know we call it the Dryden area. When a house is dried in that basically means you got your doors you when is the roof when it’s all inside of the house stays dry.
Once you get that done then there’s something called the Roughie and trade the ruffing draw which is the fourth draw the ruffing draws usually done after your trades have got their electrical rough and done age factor if done your plumbing job done. That’s a pretty good experience.
After that’s done they pass inspection you usually get a fourth draw and that’s to pay those guys for doing all their job that easily runs around 20 percent.
And that’s. Oklahoma City Home Builders
That that draws done you know basically by the time they’re finished and you’re scheduling your frame inspection because you can’t get a frame inspection to all the guys are done. Most cities require all of your roughen inspections to be passed. And. Finished prior. To the builder call me the frame inspection which a lot of homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We make sure that stuff’s done so we can pass or fail an inspection the first time. Normally after that’s done and you’re going to then you’re going to call and you’re going to order your break in and there is a Fitz-Growl there which is for your brick and the breakers can get started. Once you pass your freight inspection. The breakers are started and while the breakers are working and you’re going to be having your sheet rock insulation. Delivered we normally get  another draw about that time and that draw covers you you break cost you break labor and you sheet rock and sheet rock labor and then we’re going to be coming into. The
six draw that six draws is only done after your cabinets are in you cabinets. What your cabinetry and you’re going to be painting. Depending on if you do your floor tile. For some people like to do the food first but it’s six drowsed only done after Trium because you trims a pretty good experience depending on what your house is it’s going to run 20000 plus. Oklahoma City Home Builders
So you build will be turned into a draw for him. After Tremseh done and you painters get started on it and you’re you’re said withdrawal usually bigger. You pay each day you painters and your granite counter tops etc. that usually VENDREDI Savitz you said withdrawal. And that happens.
That happens about that time in jail undertones. So the home builders we always put your dropkicks together let you know what’s coming up. We always require you to sign off on the drawls even if we’re dealing directly with your bike.
We would like your signature on it. The bank likes your signature on it. We provide pictures once when we turn in for the draws. So the banks know where we are on the job site so they’re not having to run an inspector out there every time. To do to make sure the work being done properly.
Once you get your you painted counter tops when you use to turn your eighth draws can be coming in when you’re doing your finals your trade finals which is your electric you’re plumbing your H-back.
And during that time Jay Lindholm comes to the home builders. We always make sure that we get those rolls done. Up in the time because our trades like to be paid. As soon as they pass their inspection. That’s your eighth draw. You’re not normally up on.
The finishing of any floor covering. And all of the necessary things to have the house done uncompleted. Once the house is done and completed with Oklahoma City home builders and Dalan and homes. We. Have it cleaned and then we normally do a walk through with the buyer. And address anything and fill out the punch list address any cares and concerns that mate that they may want fixed or repaired or. Whatever to make to get the house to the point that the homeowner is happy and ready to move in. On the issue of a CEO or move in. We normally require the last year on the home. That will be your final draw and the final drill. Is usually a percentage left over. The last five percent of the of the home or something to that effect is what we leave to be the final draw on the home. Because at that time your house is completed a CEO which is a certificate of occupancy is issued by the city that you are building and it. Has been. Issued at home which means it’s complete. And if all of the agreements per contract has been done by the builder and the homeowner. Is happy then we turn over the keys and we get our final check and that will be your girl. That’s normally how it’s done is a 10 draw schedule.
Some builders do it a little less some builders like to do a little more. It’s just kind of into the purse little home city homebuilders they let in homes. That is your draw schedule.

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