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So with all that being said let’s talk about China. You know there are several builders out there that fit the stereotype. As a homeowner it’s your responsibility to do your due diligence and find one fine. What are the good ones. It’s really not that hard if you use your head. And above all you’re not you’re not trying to get something for nothing. We all know that. So you just want to make sure that you get what you pay for so. You know don’t be don’t be like one of my friends clients you used who was lured away by. A deal that was too  good to be true. Oklahoma City Home Builders
If a builder comes in and says he can build your house for a certain price and you know it can’t be done there’s going to be a reason it’s called a bait and switch used car salesman tactic. He’ll call you and he will get you signed up and he’s going to say oh you want that. That wasn’t in the contract that’s extra. And you’re going to have so many more extras in your contract that by the time that you get your house done it’s going to be 1.5 percent more than what it should have been 150 percent or however you want. You want to call it with Oklahoma City home builders. A lot of homes we don’t do it that way.
So you know there’s no such thing as getting something you know getting something for nothing from a contractor anymore. You know from here anymore if if if you want it you’re going to pay for it. You know there’s no freeze no freebies anymore you know never ceased. You never cease to amaze me how often I sell a home for $200000 or so. And the people act like you know they act like that. You know they’re just not getting. You know. Like they think that I made $200000 on them when in fact usually I’m barely making 5 percent on the deal because they don’t think that I am. You know I had to borrow the money. I really think that it took me four months to build it. I don’t think that. I’m. Having waste and everything else on it you know. They think that everything goes in my favor. I mean please give me a break. You know I’m trying to feed my kids and what I’m doing and the profit margins today are half of what they was 20 years ago. Even year old builders have gotten out because they just can’t they can’t make a living. And that’s why you see so many builders out here nowadays that are more general contractors than they are builders. You will not find a builder in today’s age that will have a tool belt on and be on the job swinging a hammer. Builders are general contractors. They’re the man that’s out there on the job taking all the financial risk and all the responsibility and all the liability.
But they’re not getting their hands dirty because they have a business to run. There was enough profit margin in homes 30 years ago 40 years ago that a builder was actually a builder.Oklahoma City Home Builders
He got out on the job. He framed the houses he did the concrete he wired the houses. That was a true builder back then. But with the McVeigh’s modern age and the volume of homes that we have to build to make a live in your home city homes or Oklahoma Home Builders and gentleman or else it is impossible. To carry the belt. Nail the nail and collect a check. It just it just does not happen overnight. So we’ve all got used to going out and bought millions of dollars a year to build spec houses. And also going out and building custom homes. One thing to remember when you’re building a custom home your home is not the only home that that builder is building. If he can only if he can afford to only do one home at a time we’d all love to be a part of that but we can’t make a living on one home at a time because we’re not making that much. Oklahoma City Home Builders
And later later on down you know one of the later podcast you do I’m going to go over a few of the construction standards they’re used to decide if the construction is defective You know one reason is I want to include Danders like. You know like like the I.R.S. codes and some of the current codes that are going on that have just recently changed from. 2012 to 2015. But we’ll talk talk about that later on.

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