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Let’s talk about a few places where you may be where you can look to maybe find a builder if you’re new to an area.
But if you’re for if you’re from that area you know I guarantee you you know a builder.
It’s real simple to find one if you if you’re familiar with it if you’re not you probably know someone whose opinion you value who probably knows a builder. Either way you don’t just stop there. Do your due diligence. You know things things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes a builder. Will appear to be successful and reputable. You know grab a big fancy truck look good.
Fancy local logo for sure he walks around but when you dig deeper into it that probably broke. They may be broke and not pay. Or maybe they haven’t paid their suppliers in months. A common problem with builders is not following up on callbacks. That’s one of the biggest complaints we get at home that association is. Is. Builders not following up on the warranty calls. Some don’t even bother to carry proper insurance you know nowadays it’s kind of hard not to care your property insurance because number one you have to have insurance to get a license if you’re building within the city limits of anywhere that pulls permits. About five six years ago maybe seven just about every city in the metro started requiring a builder to be registered with the city to register and get a $100 license you have to prove that you have worker’s comp general liability that weeded out some of the flakes but it didn’t get rid of all because anybody can go buy insurance just like anybody can go. Buy a wall. You know how to hold a paintbrush. So you know getting insurance didn’t really we that when it comes city home builders in general and how. We as an organization. All of us are top notch follow the rules carry the insurance do it right. Kind of guys.
And you know when you’re searching around some of the recommendations you know many times are turned out to be a brother in law of whoever recommended them. You know if you’re building in an area you’re not familiar with you you’ll need to do some research to get started. The best place to go do your research at your local Home builders Association. Oklahoma City Home Builders
And normally your National Association of Home builders. You know I’m a member of.
Three local associations and. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Three three local associations and the state and the national. And I can honestly say I’ve never met a builder who was an active member and wasn’t a stand up guy. And quality minded and cared about his customers. You know bad builders don’t bother to do such things as builders associations you know the less that they can be involved with the less people that’s going to harp at them.
You know there’s nothing out there that can hold us accountable. If you are a member of a local association you do your complaints will be investigated. We can’t find nobody. You know fine is that you know write him a ticket. If they don’t do stuff but if you care about being state certified and cared about your position to hold. So creation and there’s a complaint filed you’re going to fix that complaint.
The other guys you know they’re not concerned with the improvement in quality learning better ways to build. You know they don’t they don’t care care about continue education. Or you know any kind of enhancement of the reputation. So they typically already know everything there is know about building because they’ve been building for 30 years. You know another place Lefsetz local chamber of commerce you know most of look you know there is a downfall to looking just at your local chamber of commerce because. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Here in the metro so many builders build all over the metro in several different parts of the city that you know your cities run into another city where Oklahoma City runs into more and more runs in a normal and runs. West in Newcastle Newcastle runs in a total total runs into Mustang and it’s just a big circle all the way up here and if you’re building a little bit and every one of them well a builder can’t he can’t afford to be a member of every chamber of commerce. So normally they’ll pick the largest chamber to be a member of their if they’re built on love or like the Chamber of Commerce for Oklahoma City or the Chamber of Commerce or more.
Or something to that effect.
You know I don’t want to say that. All quality builders belong to organizations but you know the the best ones usually do you know talk to suppliers and sell fresh from the lumber yards and plumbing companies and then electronics electrical suppliers. They’ll tell you what builders are you know paying their bills and doing what they’re supposed to do talk to your local rules association. Any any realtors that’s been in the business for awhile.
Can basically tell you oh this builder did this to one of my clients this builder did this to one of my friends clients or you know or talk to a mortgage broker that’s been in business for a long time. Credit unions local banks. You know it’s pretty easy to do some research on your home builders and nowadays with the digital age and Google all you got to do is google the builder. And if there’s any bad reviews out there on that builder you’ll know. So it’s pretty easy to find out which one of the builders are good and which when I say the home builders and jail in homes we strive to have good reviews take care of our customers go back. On the warranty calls and make sure that our clients are taken care of. It is very important to us because we want.
You to refer us Jane London homes to your aunts your uncles your cousins your brothers sisters and your children and your best friends as a quality builder.
And I refer to them that if they need a home builder they need got that job and it helps with Oklahoma City home builders

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