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With city home builders and Jalen and Holmes. Were out there during the most of the time ninety nine point nine percent of the time during the line popping process to make sure that the framer. Does common sense type things and moves Ugra floor plate or whatever so that they can incorporate the plumbing to do unless jack hammering of the slab. Once they got all and popped out and everything lines up OK because no house is perfect. The White House is even perfect. During the framing stage when you’re parking lines or sometimes.
You’ve got to make decisions there to move the little things around like the walls or the closet walls or something to that effect so. So it does work out just because it says it will work on the paper does not always mean it will work.
I have received blueprints from architects that lay a roof out of frame and looks at it.
Hill It always amazes me how much smarter that framer is. Than an architect said on a computer because they’ll look at the plan and say Mr. London this this roof will not cut in like this.
And I just say well the architect in the computer says it was he says Mr. Lennon I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I can tell you right now it will not work this way.
So my answer to them is make it work. So they figure it out and they change it up as long as it does change up the elevations of the look of the house. We do it make it make it right. But during the writing stage it usually takes them two to three weeks to frame a house depending on the size of the home.
You know if it’s a little home it’ll take a week week and a half if it’s a big home. It may take four weeks.
You’re going to see a lot of cuts and waste on the job site and it is very common when you have an stick built homes. The only thing to eliminate.
The only way to eliminate waste is to buy modular style homes and they’re really not that big yet in the Oklahoma area.
I’m starting to see them in the builder magazines and national builder magazines about factory built modular homes and what that means is they basically take your set up plans build the walls in a factory and they ship all your walls and your ceiling joists out to the job and then it’s put together like a Lego puzzle still the same kind of lumber still the same kind of. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Material is just put together out there and there’s no waste on the job site. They’re really you know the theory behind it is it’s faster which I think it would be faster.
But you’re going to have to train train the trains to start doing it this way and that’s the hardest part is your trades.
You know there’s the come and go so often because of our labor force is so short. That. You can’t really unless you’re going to hire them full time and you’re a big production builder that can keep somebody busy. They’re not going to be able to you know train these type of guys to do the modular style homes until it becomes a major norm in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City Home Builders
But they get back to the point you’re going to have waste on the job site. It’s just very common and very normal. Jail and in homes in Oklahoma City home builders we strive to keep the waist down very minimal.
Because the waste costs of money. So we our job is to save you the most amount of money that we can. So we make sure that we have framers that have. Some seasoning under them and know that well I don’t need to go here and cut up this two hundred dollar board just to use foot of it.
They’ll say tell us that you know they need to send back a board that was mis sized. And get one that is sized So we’re not eating the cost of that with Jaylen and Holmes in Oklahoma City home builders.
We make sure that everything’s done properly on the job site.
So once you get your framing up you’ve got your sticks up you’ve got you all cuddie and you get your roofs cut in and you’re decking the house that’s when you need to start scheduling your top outs and on top that is your electricity comes in your H-back guy comes in and your plumber comes in and you have to have a roof on your home for these guys and get it and start doing this work. So your framer will tell you when the Deckers are coming to deck your roof and you need to set up your. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Roof for for the next day or the day after so they can get the roof on the House and the plumbers and get their job done and the plumbers need it most plumbers want to get their pipes put out of the roof before. The roofers get on the roof because 99 percent of your plumbers won’t go up and put the boots on. Which of boots is a. Little. Part to slide over the vent pipes that goes underneath the shingles that keeps water from coming to your roof. They’ll tell you right off the bat that their insurance doesn’t cover their guys being on the road. Otherwise the roofers will have to come back and put the boots on for you. And that is extra cost.
But after you get your roof on then you’re your age that guy can go in and put in his furnaces up in the attic.
But run all his ducks his returns and his line sets your plumber’s normally set there he run all your lines and your walls your share of your tub bows set your tubs and get it ready for sheet rockers your electrician goes in and this is the time that you need to walk the house with your electrician so you get your plugs exactly where you want. And with Jay Leno’s uncle and you home builders we make sure that you watch your homes with your electrician and you’re getting your plugs where you want your counter lighting your undercarriage lighting and any type of lighting if you want this is at the time.
This is the time that you get to go through the house with him and put your clothes where you want him and this is something that we always go with. We went and owns a home studio as we go over this with you and discuss where you want your plugs on your plans that you get to set up before it happens so you’ve had time to think about it because nothing’s worse than you get.
And she Rocklynne your house getting painted and you say Oh well I want to plug over here because it costs money because they’re going to have to cut walls and they’re going to have to tear out sheet rock to change this. And it just it’s just things that normally should be taken care of beforehand.
Once you get off the house with your electrician depending on whether you’re going to put a surround sound in or any kind of audio or stuff like that that’s at the same time you got to get that done. So your audio company normally comes in and typically your audio company your alarm company and your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors are all done by the same company that that company does all that after the electricians done. After all the other trades are done because they run such a small thin wire to everything they want to make sure that everybody else has done so their little wires don’t get cut. And with Oklahoma City home builders and germline and homes we make sure all that stuff done properly and everybody stays on schedule so there’s no mistakes or no accidents in the law where we after we’ve got all that done then they have to get all their inspections done to pass the inspections whether it be a third party inspector or a city inspector each one of the trades have to call in their own inspection. They have to pass if they fail they have to come back and pass.
We always hold up the trades. Money or their draw until they pass inspection to make sure that they get their job done properly. Jay Leno in homes of homes and home builders. We are on the job inspecting the work and making sure they’re doing it also. So in reality they’re getting two inspectors check in to work to make sure they get their jobs done. Once they pass inspection the next phase is insulation depending on what type of insulation you’re putting in the home whether it be foam and blowed cetera. There’s two different types of seal packs. Always always make sure that you your bottom place in your windows and your top plates and everything around your doors and all that stuff is caught. You got to Kockott behind the sheet rock or that it’s hard to get the seal of the home. Done it from outside with jail on in Hoboken City home builders. We always make sure that the sale plates and you get the extra caulking pack done. It’s usually called the super seal pack that is included in every one of our homes that we build. We don’t cut that corner because we know energy efficiency is a big thing.
Once you get your insulation in then it’s time to sheet rock. You should have scheduled or had the sheet rock delivered prior to the insulation being dropped to save time.  Oklahoma City Home Builders
Some builders don’t do t hat with Jay London and homes in Oklahoma City home builders were all about scheduling and staying on track. And during this time of the process you’re going to think this house is just screaming going up fast. It’s just moving so fast. You never dreamed it could be built so fast. So we’re getting to the sheet rock face the sheet rocks up them all the tape and bad guys come in and they tape and bed and textured walls and then it comes to a screeching halt.
It’s time for your trim cover.
Once again you will have already talked to the builder discussing your trim your cabinets etc. etc. and what you want to do and how you want to do it. And then you will come out and normally will walk with your team carpenter. The current crop are here and mostly the builder over the job job site foreman will walk the house with you and discuss how you want cabinets and I would say in homes in our homes and home builders we always tell our customers we need pictures we like pictures because when you’re discussing things with your.
Trim carpenter the best thing to have is give him a pitcher to go off because he can’t read your mind.

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