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When you’re building a custom home there is no decision about building your new home that will have a bigger influence on your total sense of self satisfaction than the location. And I don’t mean what part of town you’re going to put the property in or what. You know what school zone you’re going to be in. It’s based basically a short discussion on some of the things we’re going to have sort scutcheon on a few of the things that you know that helps you can take into consideration when you’re choosing a new location. And I hope that some of it actually sinks in so you don’t make a decision decisions I’ve seen so many clients have done just because they fell in love of a certain location and with Oklahoma City home builders and Jalen and homes we make it a point to bring it to your teacher in about future occurrences of what’s going to go on and help you you know come to your senses on certain things if we see a bad thing fixing to happen. Well when you’re building a custom home with Jerilyn and homes in Oklahoma City Home Builders. You know it’s our job you’re paying us to help you make good decisions. With building the home and they keep you out of financial trouble. So. Well the first thing to consider on your location is you know you can’t change the location. So after you own it you own it and you can get to just man up and say you own it because you can’t move where it’s at.
You know I find so many people that fall in love with a lot buy it then regret it later because of the location.
You know the process is negative. You know the hope the whole building process becomes negative because they end up being unhappy with the location of the property you know.
You know another thing is you got to pay very close attention to the areas that surround it.
I know developer developed a beautiful subdivision one time a few years back in an older part of a connecting town to the Metro and the lights and the spec homes so well for several years back property you know boarded up to the outskirts of a high crime area. And when he got you know he went to hold a great expanse of separating the two by building a wall in the areas and separating you know the older parts of the town with the new subdivision. And as people started to pass away you know the blighted area just seemed to start surrounding that subdivision. And when an economic downturn began you know the developer basically went broke because he couldn’t sell more houses because of the stigma out of the you know the rumors going on around it.
And then the homeowners they end up couldn’t sell their homes.
It was just a bad deal that you know that was a bad deal for everybody.
So with Jagland in homes in Oklahoma City Home Builders we you know we strived to help you not make those bad decisions because we’ve seen them in the past you know.
And the other thing is you know look look at the make up the types of the homeowners in the immediate area. You know you will will your lifestyle be comparable to those around you. And basically what that means is is it is your way of living the way that you currently live it is the neighbors going to be able to afford the way you live or. Or do they you know do they party or you know is the neighborhood more of a retiring type neighborhood if you’re close to being retired or is a neighborhood full of kids and are you about to retire and don’t really want a bunch of screaming kids to go running up and down the streets. So the home builders and a lot in homes we help you to find those doctors areas. You know what type of areas of the age of the homeowners are in that addition. You know when something else you always want to place you know depending on what size home you want to pay a very special attention to the size the price the age of the homes in your neighborhood that you’re looking at building. And before you know before there’s a bad economic downturn you know people were buying. Lots in an older neighborhood. Building huge homes on it and with smaller homes right next to them because of location it was closer to town or closer to two schools or in a school. System that they want to get kids in. And in winter when things crashed and burned back in 0 8 9. We saw we saw some these make mansions as the news called him.
Selling for half half of what they was worth because the homeowners that built their homes made bad decisions. So you don’t want to be trying to sell or sell a home in an area where your home is priced. So much. More than the homes around it or that it’s very much larger than the homes in the neighborhood. So always make sure that when you’re looking for a lot or you’re looking to build that where you’re looking to build is equivalent to the surroundings. Listen to your instincts. You know don’t get don’t ignore him. Or you know don’t ignore the advice that people around you that. Kind of got some common sense you know when we get inundated with. That blind fog. I just love this lot. You know it’s hard. It’s hard to actually accept criticism. And not be defensive against it. You know and a lot of these people look at you know looking on the outside in.
It may not look that great when you’re on the inside looking out you’re thinking it’s a wonderful thing. So with Jalen in homes in Oklahoma City home builders we we make sure that those kind of decisions don’t get made off. Oklahoma City Home Builders
You always if you’re looking if you really get serious about looking at a lot you know stop and talk to the landowners boarding the prospective property. You know once I built a home for a customer when a lot that had been filled with loose gravel and compacted soul and dirt that they moved during the development phase that you know you didn’t know was a buyer and all the neighbors that had already lived here they watched either all the field or get put into this lot. You know and had my client just made a quick visit to their future neighbors and discussed you know if they saw anything peculiar happen into the lot then they would have saved themselves thousands and thousands of dollars. Because they would have known that the developer dumped a bunch of fill dirt on that lot. You know always always ask the developer when you’re looking at property ask the owner of the developer. There’s been any film work done to the to the lot and you know if so where you know they can’t lie about it without being held liable in the future. You know. Having stated in a contract that you know there’s been no film work or there’s been field work you know. If there is where you know like where you’re going to put your house. Make sure there’s no fill dirt. You know if there is how much of it have some soul samples done. If you’re concerned about it you know don’t. Don’t fall in love so much with a property.
Get yourself into thinking that it will be OK because I assure you it’s never ok.
I built this. I built this big 4500 square foot home for a lady up north here with the Metro. When she finally hooked up with me she had already bought the lot because two other builders wouldn’t talk to her and she couldn’t understand why. Well she took me out to the lot and I figured it out real fast. I told her she goes in this lot. Beautiful when we pulled up and I said Are you asking me for your standpoint or mine because I’m looking at it is what’s going to cost money. And after I said it Chaudry explained her to her she just got why it does a sheet because I told her I said that she bought a 60000 are lots going to cost her another $25000 a dirt work because it was at. The back of the cul de sac. The bottom of the hill. Boarding a creek with trees and from the front of the lot to the back of the lot it had six foot fall. So when we finally finished pushing a thousand yards of dirt hauling in another 200 yards of dirt Plus putting 42 Piers under the home. She understood exactly what I was talking about when I said you probably should have called me first and we walked. The lot out. So the main thing is to always make sure you listen to people with experience and get an opinion on it. It will save you thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in the future.
You know at the same time when I developed my first large property we were excavating some streets and encountered a very large burn pit that I didn’t know was there but the you know the old man had about it but he didn’t know was there so you know it’s just it just we had this debate and feel and compact dirt for three days and you know if I would have just left it there had been an ethical. I could have sold it to other people that wanted to build homes on it and they would have been stuck with carrying the penny. You know it’s just you you want to make sure that you’re dealing with as ethical builders knowledgeable builders and with Oklahoma City home builders trailer homes you’re going to get such a character you know another thing you need to think about when you’re when you’re considering building a home is the proximity of desirable things like good schools hospitals stopping restaurants you know. Why you may. Not be concerned with those features you need to think about your future perspective buyers. If you choose to sell you know what’s what’s what’s going to help you sell your home in the future. If you’re looking to build a home and only stay in it for five or six years or until the kids are graduating and you guys are going to downsize or up size or move to Florida or whatever it is think about when you’re choosing your location and the type of home you’re going to build is going to be sell able. I look at it carefully to train land.
Will the home design you’re planning to fit that to build fit on the lot that you’re you’re looking at by. Is there any slopes is there any you know dirt bikes You know excellent dirt work or is it going to require more concrete. Oklahoma City Home Builders
You know there’s just so many factors you need to take in when you’re building a custom home and with Jalen in homes in Oklahoma City home builders. That’s one of the great features you get with working with us

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