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Talk about home builders The problem with Oklahoma is the state of Oklahoma does not require a home builder to have a license.
They don’t even issue a license for a home builder in the state of Oklahoma. And I have been an advocate for gosh 10 years or better.
Trying to get this law passed and get it approved by Congress in legislation in the state. But yet we keep getting shot down somewhere in the legislation.
So the closest thing a home builder has to kind of set himself apart from all the other knuckleheads out here building homes is to be a member of a local homeowners association get his continuing education done and get state certified state certified home builders are required to have so many hours a year of education just like a licensed trade or a realtor or a lawyer or doctor would definitely don’t have to have the normal you know whatever the doctor is going to have. But that’s the closest thing that we can get to being licensed and setting us apart from all the other. Guys out here trying to build homes and colors of Home Builders.
I’ll never forget in 2000 and I believe it was 12 that big tornado that came through Moore Oklahoma. That.
The home builders that came out of the woodwork started and started building houses and I said on a board of directors of the more home builders board of directors of Central Oklahoma Home Builders.
I am a member of the state home builders of Oklahoma and the National Association of Home Builders. So I’m involved as I can.
And with Oklahoma City home builders and Linda and Holmes we strive to make it to do it properly. So when I saw all of these guys that was probably pushing a lawnmower or blowing somebody’s yard the day before the tornado hit the next day they had fancy little magnetic sand on the side of their trucks called itself home builders. Taking people’s money and saying that they could build them a home. Not knowing what the code or what the requirements were they they may have did a little bit remodeling of homes for somebody is a handyman but there’s a big huge difference of being a home builder. You know Oklahoma City home builders and gentlemen and homes we would like to call those kind of guys out because it’s very important to us that I’m not against a guy out here trying to make a better way for his life but be trying to do things illegally is just wrong. And I guess you could say they wasn’t doing it legally because the state won’t approve home builders. The state of Oklahoma won’t approve.
Licensing of the whole Gillers. I just don’t understand it because they require everybody else.
H-back or you know Super 8 New York guys or plumbing’s electricians.
Even your inspectors the roofers everybody’s got to have a license.
But the man that handles the most amount of money they don’t require him to be licensed they require realtors be licensed to do the transaction and write a contract. You’ve got to be licensed to do that.
You got to be licensed to be a closing Agent you get the license to be a lender or mortgage broker but you don’t have to be licensed to be a home builder. So when you’re shopping for a home builder in Oklahoma City home builders consider Jagland in homes because we’re about close as you can get to being licensed without being able to have that fancy little piece of paper because that fancy little piece of paper is an issue. So I want to make sure that everybody knows that. Even though the state doesn’t require licensing they are several builders out there that take pride in what they do and they take it as much schooling and education as they can so they can provide a better product.
At a quality price. For. The homeowner. That would be jail and in homes in Oklahoma City home builders

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