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With Jay Leno’s in Oklahoma City home builders there’s always a lot of things to consider which one of them is the orientation of the whole. Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the West the equator and sun moves across the southern sky. In the northern hemisphere and the northern sky. In the southern hemisphere. Therefore it’s very important to consider wind station home when choosing a place. To build your home when. It’s all all too many times. Bill considering how the interior atmosphere and the utility costs are going to be. Or you know how they’re going to affect.
The total overall monthly bills of the home and it’s all based on the position of the sun properly one station of your home. You know that the you know the proper direction or the facing of your home. You know is it depends on you know we’ve always depended on a personal preference it may also always depend on you know a lot that you buy maybe only be able to face it east or west or south or north. You know a lot of that has to do with a lot that you buy. But if you know if you are able to if you do have a choice have lots and you’re able to buy one. You know that.
That you can face to the west or face to the east depending on how you like your sunset because it’s always hotter in an afternoon.
And if you if you’re able to you know face it north or south where the least amount of windows or doors or. Air loss can be away from the sun in the evenings. And you know your heating and cooling bills are always going to be better. Oklahoma City home builders enjoying a lot at homes. We’re going to help you make that determination. We’re going to bring these type of things to your mind when you are picking out a lot. So the heat from the sun. You know it’ll warm up those areas or your house in the winter. And take advantage of the natural lighting you’re around. You know if you if you’re facing a certain in a certain way you know in the coldest climates it’s not unusual to see homes you know houses built with the garage on the southern end of the house. Those you know that’s you know taking advantage of the natural heating and lighting benefits of the sun. Well if you lived in the codas area of the country you want to make sure that the most windows are exposed to the most amount of sun the most. Matter of time during the day to accept you know to get the. Natural sun rays to help you in the house then cut back on your energy bills and deep south you know. It gets very warm. So you want to make sure that. The sides of your house that are exposed to the sun. Have very little openings.
And things like that you know the simple little things like that can help you save a lot of money over the duration of building a house. You know price and affordability general says. That a lot price should be no more than 25 percent of the cost of your home.
Well with the rising land costs in the last few years sometimes that cannot be so true. You know I’ve built homes for clients all 2500 square foot home 100000 a lot. That gets us back and the same thing if. Location. These people were just so dead set on this location because it was close to work or in school. If you’re planning to spend a total of a hundred thousand then you should not pay more than $25000 on a lot. And that’s basically 25 percent if you been a 200000 50000 and likewise you know most experts agree that the cost of housing. You know the taxes the mortgage utilities etc. should not exceed 25 to 30 percent of your family income. While many of us buy one house that we can afford. You know so think about that.
You know when you’re getting your financing you’re getting qualified with the mortgage and they tell you that you can afford to have a home when you know in your mind you can or you can afford that type of home because most mortgage companies basically go off what’s reported on your credit. That will bring in you know they don’t consider. Your utility bills they don’t consider your. Food they don’t consider. Things it’s not reported that you and I both know that always makes up about 20 percent of your monthly expenses. You know the kids soccer practice the uniforms the schools the. Fuel to get back for the work. None of that stuff any credit for it. So. Just because they tell you to have me don’t know. Don’t mind set your mind on owning it because in. The actual luxuries you’re enjoying life right now you won’t be able to enjoy them or because your mortgage payment be too big. That’s another thing with Oklahoma City home builders in jail and homes. We really find out what’s the most important thing to you in the home and help you build a house affordable for you that. You don’t have to worry about selling in a few years because you can. Afford.
You know the.
You know most experts agree that the cost of a house.
You know they just make sure you don’t spend over 30 percent of your family’s income. Oklahoma City Home Builders
On a mortgage payment. You know if you if you stay 20 30 percent that’s a pretty good rule. You know remember considering the future value your home when it’s time to self design designs are a huge consideration.
You can design considerations and in engineering. The best way to achieve. The. Golden Mean which is basically defined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The desired middle between two extremes one of excess. And one of deficiency. The golden mean you know the titchy the Golden Mean More importantly make yourself and your family happiest in the long run is to first decide what’s really important to you guys. You know if your funds are unlimited. None of this probably even matters if you’ve got a big fat checkbook or you have. 20 billion dollars a month Kemeny and you don’t have to think about which situations and whether likely you probably will be calling me to build you a house. But. With I’m sitting in jail on an ounce. I’m. Speaking to.
The other. The majority of us out here. You know first thing to talk about would be you know. Every initial meeting. With a client there’s an importance of a family meeting. So we always try to. Make sure that the husband or wife they’re together and if they get teenage kids you know I try to talk to them too even though they’re not making the mortgage payment. It is important to them to. You know for them to live in a home that they’re going to love and be proud to show off to your friends you know with Oklahoma City and those gentleman homes.
We make it a family matter when we build your home.Oklahoma City Home Builders
You know I need to know what each for what’s what’s the most important thing to each family member and then weed out anything that is not a part of you know if you bring me a list of things we’re going to talk about you every one of those things before we even sit down discuss and building a home you know and then what’s left is negotiated until there’s a consensus. On you know what’s logical to build for you.
I could be like any other builder out here and you say telling you what you want and it’s cost plus. That’s what gets you over budget every time. So you know we make all necessary changes before applying for the permits and you know we make sure that the House plan that you want to build is the right house plan. We look. Like it is the design we look at. We know we will get a playboy in there.
You just look at a few times and you know. Oklahoma City Home Builders
I’ll take it back to the architect or you’ll meet with the architect and. We’ll make sure it’s the exact house that you want to build before we even start considering pricing things out and getting permits. Oklahoma City Home Builders
You know. You know our biggest our biggest goal is to make sure our clients happy with the finished product. And that we bring the project in on budget. It’s very imperative that all the decisions are made before construction begins because once you start adding. Little things here and there the costs keep going up with Oklahoma City home builders very it holds. Our goal. It’s our job. You’re paying us to keep you from making bad mistakes and all too many times. I tell a customer you can’t have that. Now look at me like. It’s you it’s my money I can have what I want and then I have to explain very cordially and nicely like I do. It’s not in the budget. And this is why you know I’ll explain to him. After it’s all said and done.
They understand they come to their senses. Oklahoma City Home Builders
You have to design a custom home. It’s controlled primarily by the homeowner. You guys basically control the whole design of it. The very most most people come to me with ideas they’ll bring me three or four plants and they’ll say I like this about this plant. I like this about this plant and I like this about this plant. And I said how do we basically build the house that they want.
If it’s logical you know there’s you there’s only so many square foot that you could put into a square home to fit on a square lot. So sometimes you know you got to explain to people why things won’t work you know they’ll bring me plans to say and it’s got a 12 or 15 bedroom in it. The third one they just add 200 square foot to the bedroom and I have to get you know explain to them and show them why you can just stretch the bedroom. Without missing the whole footprint of the house. So we when we go to add a little bit in the bedroom we’ve got to add a little bit across the whole house where you have a very cut up. And Square. Up Holmes I call them and when they start getting square they start getting expensive.
You know first things that I understand is. Oklahoma City Home Builders
An optimal design requires that consideration sir. Quite a bit of fundamentals. You know first the basic understanding of landscape design is helpful to decide where to place the home and the property and choose an overall exterior.
Appearance. When you’re moving into a development. The architectural design committee usually basically tells you what you can and can’t do. What size or home you can build what size you can’t build. But if you’re out in the country you have a free reign of design of deciding where you want to build it how you want to build it what face you want to build it what you want to put on it. And what type of stuff you want to put in it. So there’s a big difference in. Locations you know depending what part of the country you build it you want to make sure that your installation will work on lower climate areas.
Does it requires much insulation as the northern areas. So you know there’s just there’s a there’s a whole lot of determining factors. And. When you’re talking to a professional builder. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Like with Oklahoma City home builders and Gilan unknowns you get that professionalism. You get that education you get that knowledge that kind of knowledge to bring things to. Your attention that oh wow I would’ve thought about that. Yeah. And you would have been halfway to the house and realized that maybe I should have thought about that. And I hope they just constitute that knowledge because you didn’t think about it ahead of time.

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