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Back to our list number six you get to start your contractor your builder search.
And review the steps that that we talked about earlier when you’re interviewing builders. And get your choices down to. Probably three bidders. I would suggest you talk to about three builders and with Oklahoma City home builders and Jay London homes.
We always want to make sure that you’re getting other bids so you don’t think that we’re taking advantage of you and you’re going to be happy with what you’re doing. Once you get in your three bits and you know you get to pick your contractor. And remember. It’s not wise. To hire the lowest bidder. Because more than likely that guy is usually needing a job. And he’s going to get to you on the back end with change orders that you’ve failed to tell him or you guys didn’t put. Down on paper. And he made sure or he was very wise at keeping even putting it down on paper because in his contract there will be something called a change order clause that change orders are expensive. So you want to make sure that. You. Compare. Bids with apples and apples so you’re not getting held on the back side.
And with Jane on the Oklahoma City home builders we make sure everything’s covered we said and we’re talking or we’re asking all kinds of questions because we have a checklist that we ask homeowners.
We always want to make sure everything’s covered. And.
Because we don’t like surprises in and no more than you do. And. Then you need to look at the contract that the builder has always looked at builders contractor builders warranty everyone well. So you’ll know what’s being covered under the contract what’s being covered under the warranty. There is. In state of Oklahoma there is a state issued contract or I’m sorry state. The other is a state issue contract and a state issue warranty with of city home builders and Linda Holmes on. Holmes has her own contract and we have our own warning. We. Built these two forms through trial and error. Things that have happened in the. Past of building homes for people. So in just about every builder out there that’s been building for any kind of time it’s got they’ve got their own contracts.
They don’t use the state issued phones. But there is a state issue and it’s like 77 pages long. So it’s a nightmare to even go through it more in it in the Liberty warranty is just a lot of builders tend to try to give you a little more take here you better than with some of the Barty’s say we have to do. So. Make sure you’re going to hire a reputable builder that’s going to honor his contract and honor his warranty. And Jalen in homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We strive to honor our warranties and take care of our people. We want to make sure that everybody’s taken care of because we want to make sure that you’re going to tell your.
Your. Friends your family and everybody else around you that you want. Jay lived in homes to build your house.
You know once you get a copy contract and want to you can even take it to your lawyer and have a look at it. But the problem with lawyers is that they’re going to want to just chop it all away Helen and change it.
Now that’s going to make the builder mad. He’s going to find somebody else to do it because lawyers always tend to think they’re smarter than everybody else but most of the time the contracts and the warranties are wrote by the builders attorney the builders don’t write them themselves. Their attorneys write them.
So I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a legal process but one attorney always thinks that he’s more than the other attorney and is just like engineers and everybody else in any kind of license trade. So Jay London homes welcomes home builders. We want to make sure that you’re taken care of what we said and we explain the contract to you. We asked the questions if you have any questions about the contract. We said and go over the warranty together. We want to make sure that you have any questions about the warranty before it goes any further. Now.
When it comes to getting financing.
If you have not got financing before you go any further and spend any more money you need to make sure.
That you can qualify for the home that you’re wanting to build. I strongly suggest getting your financing put together before you go to work looking for land and lots and blueprints etc. because you want to make sure that you can. Afford on paper the house that you think you can afford.
Most of us out here has got a kind of common sense and know what our finances are. We know what we can afford and what we can afford. It one day to be sure of our experiences almost every house I’ve built for anybody. What you want in the beginning is going to change by the time you get towards the end. You’re going to add it. So whatever it comes up with on the construction financing and whatever you set and go with you might as well add 10 percent to it. Because during that process you’re going to want things. So keep that in mind. And with Oklahoma City home builders and Jaman and homes we make sure that during the process. We tell you what can be done and we’re going to tell you if that’s going to fit your budget or not. And it’s our job to keep you in budget sometimes it’s impossible because I get the response that it’s my money and I want it. So just keep in mind that we’re doing our job but don’t get mad at us when you go over because I’ve seen it done 100 times with builders or with with people that have built houses for.
So once you get your proven stuff you sit and you’ve reviewed all the of stuff you sign contract with a builder. You don’t necessarily have to find out who the suppliers are that the builder use or the subs and stuff. Because every builder uses a trade that he’s comfortable with in a supplier that he’s comfortable with and.
They’re all good people or they wouldn’t be working for the builder. Ninety nine percent of your builders won’t go out and shop for you. They’re going to use who they are comfortable with using. So if you. Take a plant to a builder and say Give me three quotes the first thing he’s going to say is No I’m not going to do that because that’s not what I do. We’re going to use my people my trade to my suppliers. So expect that from every builder you talk to because he’s going to do what he’s comfortable with. That’s just how we are. And with Oklahoma City home builders and Jalen and homes all of our trades are very personable people you will meet just about all the licensed trades during the construction process and so you don’t know who.
Who does who’s working on your house. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Then you’ll meet once you know once you get signed contract stuff you and your builder. If you haven’t already will meet out at the site discuss the lot. Lay out the plot plan how what which way you want to face your house if you have that option where you want to place your house depending on the size of your.
Your light and.
Then discuss that with the builder. And once you come to agreement the next process is.
Time for to go get permits. And normally the builder takes care of all the permitting. He’ll take the permits down because he’s the one that carries the insurance he has to apply for the permit.
Even though he applies for the permit. The permit belongs to you the landowner or the homeowner. So if something happens in the future and the builder that you hired is able to finish the job it does it tie you up. From being able to hire somebody else to complete your job because the permits belong to you.
Once the permits are issued by the city then the first process is build the house pad.
The builder contacts that dirt guy to come out build a house pad and depending on whether you need. More dirt or you got it cut and haul of dirt. That’s the whole process of building the house and make sure that the. The. The ground that your house is going to shed on is good and stable.
And the next process is your foundation. Oklahoma City Home Builders
And he could bring in depending if he’s doing a traditional slab or model poor or post-action which is the three common slabs that we pour in Oklahoma. If he does a. Is footing just him all which is a traditional slab. What they’ll do is they’ll they’ll dig the footings.
For the footings. Then they come back. It’s a three poor on a traditional slab they’ll do footing stem walls and then the flat flatwork that the flat part of the slab with Jay homes of Oklahoma City home builders we we work at. Striving to make sure they knew what’s going on with with the slab and how it’s done. Once you get your footing poured the stem was poured. Then your plumber comes in and you your plumber does the ground work. This is a good time to go out and take your plants and review of where the ground plumbing has been put and if there’s any questions. Well I think that toilets on the wrong side of the room. Or something to that effect is time to contact your builder and go into a site walk through with them. So all your concerns are addressed

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