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Jay London are the best Oklahoma City home builders we always lock the house with you during the trim stage because the finishing the finishing of the tram is it’s an expensive repair or change order.
When it gets to that point because your trim corners are a finished trade or finish trades or just high to come and change things. And if you’re changing things it usually shuts down the whole build process. So we want to make sure that you’re getting the type of cabinets and doors and tram and stuff that you want.
And like we said before it’s best to have pictures. The more pictures the better because a trim cupper can build anything from a pitcher but he can’t read your mind.
So once the train is all done during that process you should have already went to your counter-tops store supplier picked that type of granite or quartz the type of you know solid surface Katter’s you’re going to go with in the house. Oklahoma City Home Builders
And normally the builder will have scheduled with that shop to come out template the counter-tops you like to get the templating done as soon as the cabinets are built because they can be doing cutting out your granted or your your self-service counter tops while the house is being painted.
So the second that the House is being painted has been painted you can get scheduled to have your tops put on because the topic is the next thing it needs to be done is the counter-tops. With that counter-tops comes your cheeks. You will have to out what type of shape you want it from the counter-top supplier that supplies the Saints because they have to match mannum with Jalen and homes in Oklahoma City builders.
We want to make sure that you get the things that you want whether it be a special or a farm sink or whatever. We’ve got to know ahead of time that we know how to build your cabinets and what types counter-top that you want. Oklahoma City Home Builders
So once you’ve got that done the counter-tops have set. The next phase is to call in your towel guys.
What if you get some builders tend to it is kind of depends on the home the type of tile that a lot a lot of builders like to set the floor tile down prior to the cabinets being built that way when you build the cabinets if you build it right down on top of the floor there’s no gaps you no cuts in the desert. You just it just makes a cleaner cleaner job. Some builders like to like to set the tile and stuff after the fact because the tile guy only has to come one time and he can complete the whole job and then leave. When you’re laying the floor he has to come back twice. He’s got to come back do the floors. To get to the floors and he’s got to come back and do that. The back splash is in and caulking and everything. Then I’ve had it done both ways. It’s cleaner doing the tile on the floor it just it just adds a step to the scheduling process. So once you’ve got your counter-tops down you get the tile guy set before this you should have went to the floor store or wherever you’re going to get your full recovery and already had that spec’d out pick it out and get your budget on it and what it’s going to cost. So you know what type of flooring you’re going to be putting in the house and that’s usually a pretty time consuming process so your builder should have given you plenty of time to have all this picked out.
But once you get your dog got it down your counters and your your trim guys are done with painters done your towels down.
The next phase is to bring in your trades in your license trades begin to do their job. The electrician comes and prior to this you would have went to the lighting store pick out all your lights for your house. What type of fixtures and stuff they should have been ordered and they would be shipped to the job site. You should also during that time you should have picked your appliances.  Oklahoma City Home Builders
You know what type of appliances because you’re going to need appliances.
Depending if you’re going to have drop in cook tops or over sized fridges over sized. Stoves
all of that would have been spent out in your playing. So your trip upper knew what size to build all your cabinets.
And with Jay in homes in Oklahoma City home builders we make sure all this all this stuff is addressed during the meetings and during the construction process and we give you a little checklist of what you need to do with Jerilyn and homes and city hall builders we want to make sure that all these things are covered beforehand so we can stay on schedule to make sure that you’re in your home.
When we say we’ll have you know what you want to trade.
We got finals done there. The electrics and fixtures and appliances and.
The. H VAX done they’ve passed all their inspections. Then you start scheduling. It’s attic insulation.
Floor covering. The final dirt grades in landscaping outside and down with Joan Lunden home depending on what your budget is. We set you up with the landscaper so they can help you design your landscaping plan. And we go to finishing the home and you’re getting close to the movie and stage at this point. It’s never going fast enough at this point that the homeowner because they’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and they’re wanting to get moved. But the finishing stage of the hall which is most very the most crucial part because that’s the time that. The Little. Little things are missed. You’ve got to give the builder time to do is punch you out to walk the house itself. To make sure everything’s addressed. And this is a good time for you guys to come over when nobody else is around and kind of walk the house today and write down your questions and and cares and concerns so you can address them with the builder. Usually the builders don’t want to meet with you unless it’s something that you may think but always you know always talk to the builder and asking it may be a big concern to you. You may think it is and it is it’s probably nothing major to the builder because he’s experienced it 100 times and it’s an easy fix when you think it may be a big fix but always address your concerns and ask ask questions. Don’t be scared that building questions with Jay Leno opens up and say the home builders.
We always want to make sure that you don’t hurt your questions or cares and concerns are dressed addressed and taken care of throughout the whole bill process. We want you happy during the bill. We want to make a pleasurable bill for you not a stressful bill and we want you to be happy and maybe be a returned customer in a few years. So we built another house. But once you’ve got the floor covering down and everything is scheduled and over the end. You will do a final walk through with the builder. And you will. Mark anything that you want fixed with the builder. He’ll send his trades in and everything will be fit normally. This is what happens is he’ll set all the trade get walked through it and. Once you’re happy you’ll sign off on the list. And depending on your. Lending institution you may get the keys to your house or the lending institution would make you wait till closing to be able to move in with Jalen and homes in Oklahoma City home builder.
We want to make sure that you’re able to move in on a scheduled date. So there is no most.
Disruptive of your life.
And doing so we want to we we help you find the right mortgage company that doesn’t drop the ball at the end either. So which a lot of homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We want to make sure that you get in your house at a scheduled time so you can have.
The pleasures that you wanted to do there.

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