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Let’s talk about Windows with the home builders in general in homes there are several different materials that make up the windows so let’s start with the first one which is probably the oldest and most commonly won’t say oh this wood is probably the but most commonly used for years and years before it came out is aluminum and no windows are fairly inexpensive.
Home I grew up with had limited windows.
And I wouldn’t put him in a dog house because they’re just not very good windows.
But you know the quality he’s gotten better over the years. The
true aluminum windows let years and years ago were full blown aluminum and they’ve come a long ways over the last three years. The most commonly used in most of the homes now it’s going to be vinyl windows. I was in the part in vinyls are our great windows as long as they don’t use the northern part of the country don’t see we use vowels much as we do so. Barca’s. What’s vinyl do when it gets cold. It’s up to taps it all is going to crack. But for me you know they’re my favorite we use them on everything and here you still see them anywhere. They’re my favorite because you know we come in you know every style. Every Size open and close easily you know there are maintenance free either easily repairable.
And you know that a pretty reasonable price because they are so bad it’s you know. Like anything else you know you don’t want you to go with a low end vinyl window you can make sure you get a good one you get. You get what you pay for. Just like with anything else I’ve had good luck with several different styles of Windows. So there’s a lot of good brands.
You just don’t know what you don’t know what with which brand you want until you start looking at them.
So you know everything’s. It’s. It’s it’s all just a.
Personal choice you know. The next hour of wind is going to be a woodwind. Beautiful but man they are expensive. You know they mess. They’ve got to be paying it and maintain it. You know they tend to expand and contract with temperatures. You know temperatures vary a good wood swells wood sucks up moisture and dries back out. You know over the long run moisture in the rotting can become a problem. Anderson makes a very good one wood window pellet makes a very good window but you know neither one is going to be cheap. But you know the quality and the performance of the two are outstanding and they’ll get something called vinyl clad wood. You know you are the best best of both worlds you know the insides are made of wood and come in both natural and paint finishes. You can order them pre-primer order to get finished and paint stained himself. So you know outside is a wood covered with vinyl making and maintenance free and you know protecting them from the moisture.
These products are are both very beautiful and expensive and you can’t go wrong with Anderson impellers But there’s there’s good there’s a lot more coming into the market that are starting to get improved you’re competitive with some of the better windows out there. So. With Oklahoma City home builders Jalen in homes you can get steered in the right way get the best product for the least amount of money.
They’ve got fiberglass and composite windows down fiberglass and composite windows have less than 3 percent. You They’re about to make about 3 percent of the market share. You know the residence hall window world mainly due to cost crazily expensive. They are an excellent choice if you have a if you have a budget for them. You know there are price competitive with some vinyl clad with Windows but typically about about 30 to 60 percent higher.
You know the biggest advantage of these two of these type of Windows is they expand and contract at the same rate as the glass inside them. So making the maintenance free for many many years now. So let’s talk about exterior doors. Jay London homes and homes of home builders you know all right much about the exterior doors because there’s so many good ones out there. And you know I have one recommendation that’s fiberglass the fiberglass doors nowadays are almost bulletproof and I don’t mean so once you can shoot a bullet at home and a bullet not go through. What I mean is maintenance free. You know we’ve you purchase we use metal doors for years. But you know the fiberglass doors tend to grow about 90 percent of the market. Now there is some custom wrought iron doors being made nowadays that are very very beautiful doors and they seem to be taken on and they’re using up or into the homes. Those doors run they can start at thirty five hundred dollars and run over ten thousand dollars. Oklahoma City Home Builders
They are beautiful. They’re well-built and they should last forever.
You know with Windows Let’s get back to Windows. Let’s talk about energy rating up until about 15 years ago. And really people didn’t really understand what energy energy rating meant or what benefits it did for you until energy star started doing something. You know national penetration rating Council in FRC started rating windows and put stickers and labels on them. What do you factor and you value or you value was of them so nowadays. Know it’s out.
It’s on every window and under the new codes they’ve got to have a specific event or factor you’ve act or whatever you want to call it and those you know they range from point to point one point or point two to one point to show the lower the number the better the window is.
You know keeping out the heat or keeping the heat in the house you know the solar heat gain or the SH’s DC. Is in between zero and one the lower the number the better the window is blocking and more heat from outside some warm climate you want the lowest number you can find in the cold air is you want the highest number you can find. So and then and then you get to the Vittie which is the visible transmittance you know it indicates how much visible light a window lets in and is usually between one and zero. And people say well there’s nothing in between but there’s a whole lot in between. It’s it’s it’s. Zero Point one zero zero point zero five. So zero point to zero point three zero point for all the way up to 1. So what that means is there’s this there’s several numbers to go in between. The. Let’s talk about value engineering.
You know this is a this this is a systematic method to improve the value of goods or products or services by using an examination of functioning. With Jay London homes in Oklahoma City home builders. We are always value engineering. So value as defined as the ratio of function to cost. You can be therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost. That’s what we’re always trying to do. We’re either going to prove the function of the product that you’re buying or we’re going to reduce the cost of the value of the product you’re buying it’s use the primary tenet of value engineering that basic function be preserved and not be reduced as a consequence of the person guys you know in our house and in our use of value engineering for housing. We never make it change unless it improves the functionality. You know the quality or the reduced or or the quality or reduces cost cost is the last consideration for us because we don’t want to sacrifice anything that reduces live ability just to save a little money. I live in homes Oklahoma City home builders. We don’t ever sacrifice costs. We always make sure that our cost is being used properly and that it’s providing the quality that we expected. You know in most cases. We’re talking about only a little money because value engineering done privately is an investment that reduces the cost in the long run. That’s what we’re always doing always looking for the long run.
Foundations. Foundations or. Wow there are so many different ways to do a foundation on the whole. You know when I was a young man and I’d see a house built on a concrete foundation I thought well it’s just a slab because so many houses when I was young were on block crawl space floors which you just don’t there’s not not even done anymore and I haven’t seen across space for built in 20 years. So but you know there’s there’s insulated concrete forms or I ICF which is called ISEF concrete blocks you just don’t see no more. And then there’s there’s. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Post tension engineered slabs footings and stem walls. There’s just so many different ways it depending on what part of the country that you. You build homes in and. It’s it’s hard to determine what works. Oklahoma City Home Builders
You know I built on the south end of Oklahoma where they have red clay and there was only one slab that was approved by the city to use. And you had to build it per their specs in their way. Well they wouldn’t if they wouldn’t pass you and allow you to move on. It’s a lot of home builders from the northern part of the state would come down there kind of start using their slabs and find out real quick that they’re not going to build houses. In that city unless they do it that way in the region that was. Clay. Oklahoma City Home Builders
Red clay is like a sponge. It swells and shrinks. So much that the house just moves tremendously. So you have to make sure that the foundation that you’re putting under in those type of soles don’t swell and shrink along with it otherwise your house is going to have more cracks in it. Then. And 90 year old Grandpa’s face. So in Oklahoma City home builders and Jay London homes. We build the foundations suitable to the area that we’re building in and the ones that the engineers are approving

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